When Are Try Outs Necessary?

The NPSC will hold a tryout when some players will have an opportunity to play up at a higher competitive level (Premiere, C1 or C2) within their age group, or at a higher age group, AND the number of players affected is greater than 30% of any team’s roster at that age group.


What Is Our Process?

The tryouts will be scheduled and conducted to afford the greatest opportunity for players to attend.  Players will be evaluated in a game like situation by a minimum of five (5) evaluators.  Evaluation criteria may include, but is not limited to:  attitude, ability, agility, leadership, soccer skills, soccer IQ, and competitiveness.  Coaches are allowed to evaluate their own team, but not their own child.

A club coach will be assigned to each team strictly to coach and will be responsible for making sure players all receive near equal playing time and an opportunity to play a variety of positions.  Try outs will be closed to parents so the players and evaluators can focus on the tryouts.  All players trying out will be notified of their team placement via posting on the website or by email.


How Are The Results Used?

Tryouts are for the purpose of helping the club evaluate talent.  A player’s tryout results will be shared with the Player Placement Committee to aid the committee in placing players on an appropriate competitive level. Individual player tryout rankings will be kept confidential and not shared outside of the player placement committee.