Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Covered Costs

Financial aid may be considered for all or a portion of the registration fee and the uniform fee.  Financial aid does NOT cover all costs associated with playing the game of soccer and many additional costs shall still be due from players receiving financial aid.  These additional costs may include, but are not limited to:  additional tournament and player fees incurred by the team, professional coaching sessions not sponsored by the club, coaches hired for teams with no volunteer parent coaches, turf rental fees and any other team fees that may be assessed. On a case by case basis, a payment plan may be arranged for the player’s portion of these costs.



The NPSC has adopted the following minimum eligibility requirements for awarding financial aid to first year applicants:

  • Documentation must be provided from the child’s school showing eligibility for the free/reduced lunch program.
  • The player’s portion of fees due is paid in full per policy or per agreement with club officials.
  • The player and legal guardian are in good standing with the club.
  • The player agrees to attend 75% or more of all team activities.
  • The player’s legal guardian or other adult becomes an active volunteer with the club.

To be eligible for financial aid for any subsequent season, all of the above listed requirements must be met in addition to:

  • The player’s attendance in the previous year must have been at or above 75% for team activities (games, practices, fundraisers, etc).
  • The player’s legal guardian has been an active volunteer with the club within the past year.

The Board of Directors may waive these requirements with good cause as presented by the player or his or her legal guardian.


Approval Process

All requests shall be handled discreetly by the Executive Board who will present each request to the Board of Directors without disclosing the identity of the requestor.  All such requests for  financial aid must be approved by a majority affirmative vote of the Board of Directors present at a duly held meeting.  The approval of any financial aid for a family will not be considered precedent setting and all future requests for financial aid will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

All decisions of the Board of Directors are final.



There is a limited amount of financial aid available to players who demonstrate financial need and will be made available on a first come, first serve basis.  Requests for financial aid should be made in writing, or email, to the Secretary of the NPSC, with a letter from the child’s school showing eligibility for free/reduced lunch program.


Registered Status

A player will only be considered as registered once his or her written request for financial aid has been approved by the Board of Directors and his or her portion of fees due are paid in full.  Only registered players in good standing are able to participate in club practices and games.


Responsible Party

Onus to have financial aid approved by the registration deadline is on the player and/ or player’s legal guardian.