Registration with the NPSC is taken as a sign by the player of their commitment to play soccer. When a player registers to play soccer with the NPSC, it is the intent of the NPSC to place the player on an age and skill-appropriate team.  However, registration with the NPSC does not guarantee a player a spot on a specific team or with a specific coach, family member or friend.  The NPSC does enforce a strict no refund policy as defined later in this document.


Competitive Teams

The NPSC encourages the registration of players for teams starting at the under 9 (U9) level and up through the under 18 (U18) level.



Each season (spring/summer, fall, winter/indoor) will have its own separate registration and it is the responsibility of the player, parent or legal guardian to register separately for each season.


Age Groups

Teams are formed primarily by age groups within the guidelines as set forth by the MYSA.  All players are automatically registered for their lowest eligible age group upon registration with the NPSC. Any play ups, whether by request, tryouts, or the club’s team formation process, will be determined during the team formation process prior to each season.  The NPSC does not guarantee any player the right to play up an age level for any reason including having played up the year before or having siblings, friends or a coach on the team an age level up.

To determine your player’s eligible age group, take the year of the soccer season and subtract your child’s birth year from it to arrive at your child’s eligible age group.  This result is the youngest age group that your child is eligible to participate in according to MYSA rules.

Example: If you are registering for summer of 2017, and your player was born March 8th of 2005, then the soccer year (2017) less the birth year (2005) makes your player eligible to play U12 soccer for the upcoming season. (2017- 2005 = 12)

Registration - General Information

A general registration will be held for all interested youth.  All players must be registered and paid in full prior to the first practice, unless other arrangements have been made and approved by the Board.  The New Prague Area Youth Soccer Club wants to give any youth who wants to, the opportunity to play soccer.

The registration fees are determined when the Board approves each season’s budget and, in general, are to cover the majority of costs associated with playing competitive soccer.

The registration fees do not cover the following, which must be paid by individuals and/or teams:

  • Uniforms (individual)
  • Invitational tournaments (team - optional)
  • Professional coaching sessions not sponsored by the club (team - optional)
  • Credit card convenience fees
  • Coaches hired for teams with no volunteer parent coaches
  • Turf rental fees

Current Registration Session=

FALL 2021 - OPEN