Player Safety

Player Safety Policy

MYSA Policies, Procedures & Rules on Player Safety

As an affiliate member of the MYSA, the NPSC follows all policies, procedures and rules as set forth by the MYSA on player safety related issues.  All who participate in New Prague soccer activities including players, coaches, referees, administrators, and spectators are expected to comply with these policies.  For a complete listing of these policies and procedures, please visit the MYSA website.

In addition to the MYSA policies and procedures regarding player safety, the NPSC has adopted the following:



The NPSC will follow all MYSA policies and rules regarding player equipment during all practices and games.  First Aid kits will be available at all fields through coaches being provided with supplied kits for use at all practices and games.  Players will be required to provide their own full water bottles for use at practices and games.


Medical Information

Completion and submission of written medical information forms for all players are required by the MYSA.  Coaches and/or team managers are required to keep these on sites for emergency purposes during all practices and games.


Weather Policy

All NPSC coaches are to follow the MYSA guidelines for player safety in regards to weather related issues.  Practices should be treated the same as games when it comes to player safety on the field.  If the MYSA policy would suggest a stoppage of a game for a given weather condition, then our coaches should stop a practice for the same given weather condition.


Field Safety

All goals must be anchored per MYSA policy for all practices and games.  Unanchored soccer goals are very dangerous to anyone on the field at any time.  Each team should appoint a parent who is responsible to check both goals on any field of play before each game or practice.  Do not play or practice on any field where the goals are not anchored.  Report any unanchored goals to the referee in a game situation (home or away) and report any unanchored practice field goals to the Field Coordinator immediately.  Please note that for all games, it is the responsibility of the home team to properly secure the goals to make them safe to play.


Player Supervision

Coaches are tasked with coaching their team and are not responsible for the supervision of players before, during or after practices and games.  We strongly recommend parents and legal guardians to remain on site with their child during practices and games.  If for any reason a practice or game gets cancelled, neither the NPSC nor its coaches are responsible for your unattended child.



Parents and/or legal guardians are responsible for providing transportation to and from all team events including all games and practices for their child. The NPSC, its coaches and team managers are not responsible for providing transportation for players.  Furthermore, coaches and team managers are strongly advised against transporting another parent’s child unless accompanied by another adult.