New Referee Informational Meeting

When:  7pm, Thursday February 22nd

Where:  NPHS Lecture Hall, Rm 265

There will be a brief meeting for any new, or 1st or 2nd referee…. or anyone on the fence thinking about becoming a soccer referee Thursday Feb. 22nd.  This is an excellent opportunity for any youth or adults looking to become involved in the game of soccer as a referee.  Parents of youth referees are strongly encouraged to attend as well.   We will be exploring all the common questions new referees typically have about becoming a referee.

This will be a very informal meeting designed to provide a platform for interested individuals to ask questions and get the information they need to prepare for becoming a soccer referee. There will be a brief presentation at 7pm followed by a Q&A session for the remainder of the evening.

Common questions of new referees:

How much will I make?

What do I have to do to become a referee?

Where do I buy a uniform?

How do I get paid?

When do I get paid?

How old do I need to be?

Do I need a background check?

Do I need to take concussion training?

How do I get games?

Can I referee tournaments?

How do I find a club’s assignor?

What is an assignor?

Who do I contact with questions?

How do I log into game officials?

Where do I input my availability?

Why didn’t I get assigned any games last season?

The list of question goes on and on and I am sure you each have a few more that I did not list here.  Whether you are still just thinking about the idea of becoming a referee or if you have already refereed a season but still have questions, please join us and take advantage of this opportunity to speak with other referees and learn from their experiences.

We will also be going over the new assigning system through the MNSRC website that is replacing Game Officials as our communication tool for assigning games.

All questions will either be answered at the meeting or we will follow up with you after the meeting via email with an answer.



Ken Sulich

NPSC Referee Assignor