ISD 721 Player Protection

Any player who resides in School District 721 shall not be cut from the NPSC for the reason of opening up a roster spot for a non-ISD721 player.  A player outside the district, however, may be placed on a top-level team as long as the NPSC is able to place other players who reside in district 721 on another competitive team within one year of the player’s age eligible group.

PLEASE NOTE:  It is still possible for an ISD721 player to register for the NPSC and not be placed on a team.  In the event that the NPSC is unable to field a team at a particular age group, and due to logistical reasons, the club is unable to offer that player(s) at that age group another age appropriate team to play on, then the player(s) from that age group would not have a team to play on due to the NPSC not being able to meet minimum roster requirements to effectively field a team for the season at that player’s level.