Volunteer Coaches

Being a mid-sized club on the outskirts of the metro area, paid coaches are both expensive and hard to come by.  For these reasons, it is imperative to our program that parents within our club volunteer to coach our players’ teams.


Professional Coaches

Professional coaches are coaches who coach one or multiple teams for a club and receive compensation for their services.  Professional coaches are paid by the team they coach and their pay is in addition to the club’s registration fees due. It is the decision of the team whether or not they wish to hire a professional coach.


Coach Selection Process

The Director of Coaches and Player Development shall appoint all coaches based on application, qualification, and player and parent feedback from previous seasons.  All coaching appointments are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.  Upon approval, all coaches are required to submit a background check per policy with the MYSA prior to being eligible to work with his or her players.

In the situation where no volunteer coach has applied for a team, then that team’s legal guardians will be notified of the situation.  If a professional coach has applied, then the team must approve the hire and pay for that coach.  If the team does not approve the hire of a professional coach or if no professional coach has applied, then the team will be notified of the need for a volunteer coach.  If after this notice, no volunteer coach applies, then the team will be disbanded for the season and players will be eligible for a refund per the club’s refund policy.


Expectations of Coaches

Coaches are to comply with and have read the bylaws, policies and rules, mission and vision of the NPSC and agree to coach within the framework of these guidelines as set forth by the NPSC and the MYSA.

Coaches are to hold at least two practices per week, game schedule permitting.  During winter/ indoor sessions, coaches are to hold at at least one practice per week subject to gym space availability.

Coaches are to attend coach training sessions and meetings of coaches.  Lack of participation in such events could result in removal of coaching duties or could impact their future coaching with the club.

Coaches may NOT recruit players from other clubs either by communicating to players/parents verbally or in writing per MYSA Policies and Rules.


Development Meetings

All coaches are encouraged to attend all NPSC scheduled Coach Development Meetings to stay informed of program, rule and policy changes, as well as participate in discussions about soccer strategies in youth soccer and how they relate to the club’s mission an vision.


Coach Development Fund

The NPSC has developed a fund exclusive for the use of developing its coaches.  Any coach of the NPSC may seek reimbursement for any fees and travel expenses incurred in pursuit of obtaining additional coaching training and development.  Based on the funds available, the club may reimburse all or a portion of all submitted requests for reimbursement.   For pre-approval of any training reimbursement(s), please contact the Director of Coaching & Player Development prior to committing to any coaching clinics whether online or in person.

Coaches Concussion Guide

Coaching Application**

**Coaches are needed for every competitive team registered with the NPSC.  We rely greatly, but not exclusively, on parent and family volunteers for these positions.  The Director of Coaching (DOC) oversees and recommends coaches to the board.  Cam Stoltz is the DOC, and he can be reached by clicking on his name.  

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