As a volunteer based organization, it is vital to the success of our club that all interested individuals volunteer in some capacity throughout the year to help support the club’s activities and initiatives.

Note:  All volunteers with direct contact to players are required under the MYSA’s policies and rules to submit a background check annually.  This includes but is not limited to all coaches, team managers and board members.  



In a collaboration effort with the school district and other sport associations in our community, the club is asking for four to five volunteers to take on the role of being a site supervisor during the times that the soccer club is renting gym space for the Futsal program and winter training activities. In order to be able to use the school district’s gym spaces to have indoor training opportunities for our players and to be able to host the winter Futsal program, we are required to have a site supervisor present during the times that the club is renting gym space. Coaches working with our players during a designated time are not eligible to be the site supervisor at the same time, so we are asking for help from our parents to ensure that our players have opportunities to continue training and participate in activities to improve their skills and keep them active and engaged in the club.

To put it plainly, if we do not have site supervisors, then we will not be allowed to use the gym spaces provided by the school district and we will face a scenario where we will not be able to offer indoor activities and trainings for our players this winter or spring when the 2021 season begins. We ask that you consider volunteering an hour or two of your time every 1-2 weeks on Saturdays in December and January for Futsal and having some flexibility to be available for trainings and practices in February/March/April so that our club can continue to offer winter opportunities for our kids to play.

Requirements of being a Site Supervisor

· Must be 21 years of age

· Cannot be actively involved in the activities occurring while being on duty

· Must wear the Site Supervisor badge and ID provided by the district when on duty

· Cannot share the provided fob/keys


· Arrive before the participants, be the last to leave and be responsible for the participants, coaches/leaders, and any issues that arise during their time while on duty

· Monitor the arrival of the group by the entrance door and ensure that all are using hand sanitizer while entering

· Ensure only group participants enter the building. No parents/guardians/siblings or others allowed

· No door propping. If the entrance door is locked, open the door to participants.

· Be visible and available to the organization using the space

· Ensure that all groups are within COVID capacity guidelines

· Monitor that groups are socially distancing and wearing masks when not physically active

· Ensure the group occupies only the spaces reserved and abides by the times reserved

· After the event, the Supervisor is responsible to ensure the space is the same or better then when they arrived. No wrappers, garbage, water bottles, bags or damage left behind

· The school supplies/equipment should not be used unless agreed upon in advance

· Ensure District Policies and school rules (i.e. no smoking on school grounds, food/beverage in restricted areas, etc) are followed and the staff and facilities are treated with respect

· Know location of medical equipment in case of an emergency (CPR/AED) as well as possess the ability to handle medical emergency situations

· Ensure the participants are following the Minnesota Department of Health COVID Guidelines and the New Prague Area Schools COVID Facility Rental Rules and Procedures

If you are interested and able to volunteer your time to be a Site Supervisor for the NPSC, please email the club at: npaysc@gmail.com to indicate your interest so you can be given information to attend a training being hosted by the New Prague school district on November 16th via Zoom. This is the only training session available before Winter Futsal begins and you must attend in order to be trained and qualified as a Site Supervisor. We greatly appreciate the help and support – this will allow us to be able to continue offering enrichment activities for our players during the off seasons.

If you are interested in volunteering your time, please send an email by 4:30 PM, Friday November 13th to: npaysc@gmail.com - thank you!

Additional information in regards to Futsal - if it has to be cancelled due to restrictions and shutdowns, you will receive a refund.


We are excited to be partnering with the International Soccer School of Excellence (ISSE) this winter to help our players continue in their soccer skill development. Indoor futsal training translates well with individual technical foot skills, helps players to develop more confidence while on the ball in game situations, helps to develop a more complete player offensively and defensively and is also a lot of fun! Register today at www.isse.us/online-registration - You will see a link dedicated to New Prague Futsal Registration.

Indoor Futsal training translates well with:

· Individual technical foot skills.

· Helps players to develop more confidence while on the ball in game situations.

· Helps to develop a more complete player offensively and defensively and is also a lot of fun!

Our players will be taught by Greg Wheaton, owner/director of ISSE, and his professional staff. Greg has a tremendous background in playing and coaching competitive soccer at both the college and professional levels. He and his staff have provided quality futsal training for clubs such as Minneapolis United, Shakopee, Prior Lake, St. Paul Blackhawks and several others. For more info on Greg and his staff, please visit isse.us/about

We will be offering our winter training sessions on December 5, 12, 19 and January 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30. 8 total sessions for only $105 total! All sessions will be held at the New Prague Middle School gyms.

Due to Covid-19 assembly guidelines, we will be limited to 25 (23 players and 2 coaches) or under persons at each session. The number of sessions held will be determined by the number of registrations. Tentative training block times for the above dates would be between 11:30am-2:30pm. Final times will be determined once registration closes.

If the New Prague school district requires the middle school gym to be closed during our planned training dates, registration refunds will be issued on a prorated basis. For example, if this were to occur halfway between our session dates, a 50% refund would be issued.

Registration Steps:

1) Visit the site at www.isse.us/online-registration

2) Select the link for New Prague Futsal Registration

3) Add to your cart and then click on the cart link to go to checkout

4) During checkout, you will provide your email, fill out a parent waiver form on behalf of your player, review and pay. Please note, due to Covid-19 guidelines, there will not be any T-shirts issued. Please add in any size to help complete your registration. For "level of play", you can select either C2 (comparable to the Black division) or C3 (comparable to the Blue division) for your player. (Competitive 2 or 3).

5) Review and pay by credit card.

We will be sending a separate message soon on some complimentary club activities that will also be done in conjunction with this Winter Futsal training. We look forward to providing this for your son or daughter to help keep them active and engaged in soccer, while at the same time improving their skills!

Questions? Please email us at npaysc@gmail.com.


John Engquist & Jacob Huebsch

NPSC Boys and Girls Competitive Directors