Join our Referee Program!

The New Prague Soccer Club continues to grow in numbers. With more teams playing in New Prague each year, we have an ever growing need for more referees. Please consider becoming a certified USSF Soccer Official!   Both adult and youth referees are needed.

Benefits of becoming an Official

  • Earn money in a sport you enjoy (it’s a great paying 1st job)
  • Improve confidence, leadership & teamwork skills
  • Become more knowledgeable on the Laws of the Game
  • Obtain a greater appreciation for the game
  • Give back to the game and the community (Adult referees are always in demand)

Who Can Officiate? 

Anyone can certify to become a referee.  However, you must be older than the age level you are refereeing to center a game.  No experience is necessary, however, referees are required to complete annual training and pass the USSF Referee test.  Referees are independent contractors of the club.

Opportunities Available with the New Prague Soccer Club

The NPSC currently has 21 teams playing this Spring/ Summer.  That equates to over 100 centering opportunities and 150 AR opportunities.  Assistant Referees (AR’s) earn $23-$27 per hour while center referees earn $33-$37 per hour.

Start Up Costs/ Time commitments

  • $60 in Fees (Payable on the MNSRC website)
  • Purchase of Referee Kit/ Uniform ($60)
  • 16 hours of prep work (8 on-line & 8 classroom)
  • 1-3 hours of set up time on MNSRC website, Game Officials & contacting assignors and figuring out how the entire system works.

How to Get Assigned Games

  • Assignors assign referees to matches. However, it is the responsibility of the referee to let their assignor(s) know that they are interested in refereeing for their club(s).  Most assignors in our area use a website called Game Officials ( for assigning matches including New Prague Soccer.  (Please note:  This is a change from 2018).

Assignor Expectations

  • Treat players, coaches, parents and each other with respect
  • Be professional both on and off the field
  • Arrive 30 minutes early to begin pregame inspections of the field and players
  • Wear the appropriate uniform, look professional
  • Apply the rules of the game (you must blow your whistle!!!)
  • Honor your assignments. Turn backs can cost you future assignments.
  • Referees earn their matches. Assignors are not obligated to assign you matches.
  • Communicate any and all issues to your assignor immediately following a game.

Becoming a Referee

All officials start a Grade 8 in Minnesota.  Grade 8 allows a referee to center games up to the referee’s own age group and assist (AR) in youth matches regardless of age group.

  • Step 1: Register with the Minnesota State Referee Committee (MNSRC)
  • Step 2: Pay your State Administrative & US Soccer Registration Fees
    • 2018 Fees – State Fee $20 (non-refundable). US Soccer Fee - $40
  • Step 3: Complete your on-line training
    • 20+ video modules with quizzes after most
    • 7-8 hours of on-line training
  • Step 4: Sign-up and Attend a Clinic
    • 8 additional hours of classroom training are required for Grade 8 referees
    • Must complete all on-line training before signing up for a clinic (which are first come first serve at various locations throughout the state)
  • Step 5: Pass the USSF Grade 8 Test
    • 50 questions. Passing score is 40 out of 50 (80%)
    • Retakes are permitted immediately if needed
  • Step 6: Complete an MYSA Background Check (Adult Referees 18+ Only)
    • Instructions/ link can be found on the MNSRC website
    • Club officials, coaches and managers will already have one and just need to notify the MNSRC that one is available through the club.
  • Step 7: Complete On-Line Concussion Certification
    • Required to work any MYSA sanctioned game
    • On-line training available through the CDC at
    • Training is free and certificates are valid for 3 years

Returning Referees

  • Pay your annual registration fees (State - $20 + US Soccer $40)
  • Complete your re-certification requirements/ training
  • Pass your re-certification test with an 80% or higher
  • Attend a clinic (if required)
  • Complete your annual background check (MYSA requirement)
  • Make sure your concussion certificate is still current

NPSC is required to follow all rules as outlined in the MYSA Policy and Rules Manual related to the assigning and contracting of referees and assistant referees.  All referees must be assigned by a MNSRC certified assignor.   Referees are independent contractors of the club and are not considered employees.  It is the referee's responsibility to re-certify annually.  

Registration Now Open
Updated Jan 25, 2019

Registration is now open through the MNSRC.   New officials must create an account by April 18th and complete all course work by June 1st.  Returning officials must complete all work by June 24th.

IMPORTANT!!!   Once registered and certified with the MNSRC, you will then be eligible to be officiate youth games in the state of MN.  However, until you log into the MNSRC assigning system (Assignment on the referee menu) and register for New Prague Youth Soccer, your assignor will not be able to assign your games.

2019 New Prague Referee Pay

Age Group: Boys & Girls Center Referee AR#1 AR#2
U9, U10 $ 25.00 $               - $               -
U11, U12 $ 33.00 $23.00 $23.00
U13, U14 $ 39.00 $28.00 $28.00
U15, U16 $ 45.00 $34.00 $34.00
U17, U18 $ 60.00 $40.00 $40.00


(Referee payment will be via Go Pay in 2019!)